Engagement Models

Engagement model is a framework that governs the way a customer can leverage Nanomine’s IoT Services, IoT platform and solutions. The Foundation of our engagement framework is the alignment of vision and strategy with the customer. We bring capabilities to perform service delivery in producing the right business outcome that is backed by our subject matter expertise, maturity models, and industry best practices along with an impressive ecosystem of partners.

Engagement Model

Our engagement framework offers the flexibility to leverage the best fit model for a scope of work, under a broader engagement contract. We will work with the customer in understanding details like project scope, development life cycle, strategy, existing project teams, dependencies, IP rights ownership, branding, and confidentiality so on. We recommend the most suited pricing and engagement model based on these aspects. Most commonly used engagement model that suits to our services and solutions are described below:

This engagement model is most preferred when the scope of work is not yet fully clear and is evolving. Nanomine agrees to provide resources with pre-determined skill sets and specified time-based billing rates. This engagement model is ideal for continuous product evolution programming, complex large-scale projects, research and consulting assignments, solution design, proof of concepts so on.

This model provides flexibility in terms of project specification evolution as per changing markets, technology trends or business priorities. T&M arrangements are accompanied by project and time management, tracking and reporting practices to ensure value from the time of the resources they invest in.

This model is associated with a pre-determined project cost. The project scope and costs are agreed upon at the sign of signing the engagement contract and the project execution follows. Payment schedules are often linked to project milestones and deliverables.

We have a flexible change management process that can be customized for and agreed with the Customer to address the impacts and risks of scope changes to the project.

This engagement model is most suited for clients who are looking for a team to manage and deliver the project in typically long term. In this model the client buys a required resource (technical) capacity and provides direction and control outcome, while Nanomine manages output. An experienced project manager creates a high-level project plan that can be delivered in smaller sprints. Once agreed these sprints would be delivered by our agile Team. Typically customer processes are followed at engagement level, while Nanomine agile processes including all agile ceremonies will be followed at the work package level. The Output is measured through timesheets and mutually agreed agile metrics. Our customer gets involved in scrum, sprint demo, and retrospective to ensure we are staying in-line with their expectation as well have an opportunity to change course as needed.

Customer buys services, while Nanomine defines and provides capacity. The Customer provides overall direction while Nanomine manages and control the output of the service. There are options for tailoring the process for delivering the services. Output measured through agreed delivery and performance metrics.

There are many flexible pricing models that can be adopted. This includes SLA based pricing, work volume linked pricing with risk-reward and incentive based model.

India Development Centre (IDC) is a joint journey where Nanomine guides our customers by following a phased industry standard framework for transition, service delivery, and continuous optimization. This model involves teams that are an extension of the client’s team that is placed at Nanomine’s offshore development location(s).

This model offers multiple benefits to our customers including cost-effective operations, teams that can scale up and down as needed, multi-layer governance model for transparency and governance, flexibility to focus on core priority business strategy by the internal team so on. A dedicated team will offer a set of resources with relevant and pre-identified skill sets that the client has access to and control over in terms of work allocation, status tracking and reporting and getting changes done at short notice. This model allows maximum flexibility in execution of multiple projects using best fit pricing model.

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