Nanomine Technolabs is an AI enabled IoT Software company that focuses on making factories of the future a reality today.
We help manufacturers refine their processes, predict outcomes and ultimately increase the value of their organizations.


Innovation of new Technology is the Core of Nanomine Technolabs philosophy With a vision to providing a various type of automation along with AI & Data Analytic techniques in the Industrial sector using Industry 4.0

The Global Industrial Manufacturing market is in the midst of understanding what Industry 4.0 means to them.
With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and the ability to manage large amounts of data, true innovation on the factory floor now seems possible.
Our sole mission is to enable our customers to make this opportunity a reality today.
Our team of solutions architects, engineers, data scientists and developers have thousands of hours of experience on the factory floor. This investment has helped us understand the complexities of the manufacturing process. It has also helped us deliver on a value proposition that makes sense for our customers.
Our solution combines the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with “boots on the ground” operator knowledge to deliver on process optimization that once seemed impossible.
The value we are providing our customers isn’t just a new technology or a consulting service. It’s a new way of operating. We enable companies who have a desire to make factories of the future a reality today
Our core expertise is in the domain of Internet Of Things(IOT), Robotics and Automation, System Integration, IT services, Artificial Intelligence(AI) ,Data Mining & Machine Learning.




Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning


Data Mining


IT Services


Robotics & Automation



A Continuous Cycle of Improvement makes our Approach Unique.Providing a various type of automation along with AI & Data Analytic techniques in the Industrial sector using Industry 4.0

We work closely with our customers to configure our platform to enable a continuous cycle of improvement. Our first step is to work with our customers to identify all applicable data. We then deploy Eigen hardware allowing for real-time continuous data collection and ongoing visibility into their manufacturing process. We help them uncover insights they have not realized before. We then develop algorithms to begin detecting impacts to cost of quality in real-time. This allows our customers to fix problems as they occur. Along with real-time process monitoring, we provide on advanced data analytics application that helps all manufacturing stakeholders drive towards true process optimization. Our software provides access to quality analytics on a part-by-part and machine-by-machine basis, at any given time, on multiple devices including mobile. Over time, our solution begins to predict outcomes before they happen. This unlocks the true value of Artificial Intelligence and allows manufacturers to leave the frustration of problem solving behind them.


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